It’s not Yahoo’s new logo that upset me

Yahoo’s new logo doesn’t upset me as much as it upsets the rest of the design industry. The logo is the least of their problems.

New Yahoo logo

I’m not going to talk about if I think the logo is good or bad or if the process behind it was a mistake or not. It really doesn’t matter since it’s just a fucking logo and it doesn’t change anything about what Yahoo! stands for. Obscure messy fuzziness.

You could say that the 30 days of logos Yahoo! had on their blog pretty much summarizes what’s wrong with Yahoo! The inconsistency and fuzzy product portfolio is what upsets me.

Yahoo websites
Yahoo websites compared

They cannot even get their own websites in order. To the left you have ¬† ¬†and to the right you have Two totally different websites, and since I’m swedish I get redirected to the swedish website when I visit That’s why I totally missed the buzz about the daily logo change, the swedish never changed, until now.

Flickr and Delicious

These are the two and only great products ever owned by Yahoo! and what happened? Delicious almost died but was bought in the last second and Flickr was recently updated, only 5 years to late. These where and are the only great and useful products and Yahoo! ignored them completely.

The portal of pointlessness

Remember all those portals, internet start pages and stuff we had in the 90’s? That’s what Yahoo! still is today. A pointless fuzzy mixture of news, weather, email, jobs, cars, sports, messenger for the UK on the swedish page and todays date, maps and omg! (what ever the hell that is).

Where everyone else killed their portals and start pages and focused on community based platforms of interest, Yahoo! stayed with the internet start page stuff.

So what about the new logo?

And now they have a new logo that also represents the obscure messy fuzziness like the old logo did. So why do we even care? It’s not the like new logo destroyed something great and wonderful. It’s just some new fancy lines and colors on the same pile of pointlessness as it always was.

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