Twitter isn’t what it used to be…

With a risk of sounding like a nostalgic whining old geezer I must say that I think Twitter was a lot better a few years ago, before it became an everyday hipster tool, like it is today.

I still use Twitter, and I still think it’s a great tool for sharing knowledge, ideas and communicating, but I don’t like how it has evolved, and I’m not talking about the API, Twitter clients or #hashtags. I’m talking about it not being for just us web geeks anymore.

Just as the term “geek” has been dumbed down to literally everyone who follows a TV-series for longer than two seasons, Twitter is now used by politicians, athletes, celebritets, tv hosts, all sorts of teenagers (oh my god these teenagers!) and almost everyone with a smart phone.

This has changed Twitter, or more what I read on Twitter. It has changed the contents of my feed. It used to be more about web development, design, social media (yuks) and web related tech news and information. Now, when I get my Twitter digest with what’s trending, it’s ALL about swedish politics, and it seems contagious. My fellow tweeps, that I started to follow because of their specific knowledge in a web-related area, are tweeting about politics. Even the comedians I follow tweet more about immigration politics than funny observations. Come on, I don’t watch your shows because of your insight into swedish politics, I watch your shows for the very same reason I started to follow you on Twitter. Because you say funny shit. Just like Bob Saget does.


Don’t get me wrong, politics is important and people should discuss it. But it wasn’t what I signed up for when I registered my Twitter account over 4 years ago.

Twitter has become too accessible. Each and every event on this planet has its own hashtag. Everything from tv-shows to births and conference events discussing the ROI measurement of hashtags on Twitter.

I’ve started to unfollow people, people not tweeting about web or design related stuff. So if you are one of those I used to follow, and now I’m not, its nothing personal. I just don’t think your tweets and hashtags are worthy my timeline.

I also signed up for APP.NET, wich is a service like Twitter, but it costs money. A merely $5 a month. Only problem is, that its too quiet, but maybe that’s a good thing? When I started Twitter almost 5 years ago, I also had like zero followers, so yeah. I believe in APP.NET. I just need to find an app that I like.

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