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7 Mar, 2014

Responsive design fix for Windows Phone 8

Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t differentiate device width from viewport width, and thus doesn’t properly apply the media queries in your CSS.

5 Feb, 2014

Value the most important place on your website

“Above the fold, if you want it sold” is an old phrasing that still is relevant. The most important space on your website is above the fold. That’s where you put the most important stuff.

19 Apr, 2012

Easily create image sprites for retina displays

With the launch of the new iPad all websites instantly became pixelated and ugly. All your neat images and sprites and stuff is now rubbish. You’ll need to remake it all. In twice the width and height.

22 Mar, 2012

When the normal 12 column 960 grid doesn’t cut it

Currently I’m working with a black design with white large typography and using the normal 12 column 960 grid makes it feel messy and cramped