hello, i’m andreas norman

a designer and web developer

Nice to meet you

I am a designer and web developer based in Malmö, Sweden. I design and develop websites and mobile applications for a living, currently at Knowit.
This website is where I write stuff related to my profession and share and plug my open source projects.

Recent blog posts
5 Mar, 2012

Rumors about the new iPad that will be presented in two days

This is definitely not that important but it’s sometimes interesting to see what people think what a product will look like before anyone really knows

4 Mar, 2012

A strong brand always has a strong identity

With a strong brand there is more than just a logo that communicates its presence. There is color, typography and the shape and form.

4 Mar, 2012

New blog, new expectations and reasonable doubt

With every new blog launch the expectations are high on both quantity and quality. Mostly quality. But also quantity.