hello, i’m andreas norman

a designer and web developer

Nice to meet you

I am a designer and web developer based in Malmö, Sweden. I design and develop websites and mobile applications for a living, currently at Knowit.
This website is where I write stuff related to my profession and share and plug my open source projects.

Recent blog posts
27 Jun, 2012

PageLines – Professional framework for WordPress

As a huge fan of WordPress and its community I’m always intrigued by new plugins and frameworks for WordPress

15 Jun, 2012

CSS Media Queries for Mobile Devices

Writing CSS for different devices can be a pain in the ass. With Media Queries it’s easier, if you know how to pin point a specific device.

7 Jun, 2012

Twitter gets a new logo, kind of

Twitter announced today their new logo, which not surprisingly is an icon of a bird, but a bit different

1 Jun, 2012

IKEA the first designer to redesign the TV-remote?

Who would have thought that IKEA would be the first company to redesign the TV remote and actually remove buttons instead of adding new buttons?

19 Apr, 2012

Easily create image sprites for retina displays

With the launch of the new iPad all websites instantly became pixelated and ugly. All your neat images and sprites and stuff is now rubbish. You’ll need to remake it all. In twice the width and height.

5 Apr, 2012

Paper app for the iPad

A new sketching, painting and drawing app from FiftyThree called “Paper” was recently released. As I’m a new iPad user I decided to try it out.

4 Apr, 2012

Zelda style coffee mug from Kikkerland

I found this funny coffee mug from Kikkerland on Amazon and thought I’d share it with you.

22 Mar, 2012

When the normal 12 column 960 grid doesn’t cut it

Currently I’m working with a black design with white large typography and using the normal 12 column 960 grid makes it feel messy and cramped

21 Mar, 2012

How and why to prevent WordPress to add image dimensions

WordPress will automatically add image dimensions, width and height, to every image you place. While this can be good in many cases, responsive design sometimes works best when no dimensions are set.

19 Mar, 2012

Using web fonts instead of images as icons

Using a web font for your icons could be a lot easier, but is it the right thing to do? There are some good sides on using a web font just like there are some bad sides.