Grid guide generator for Adobe Photoshop

If you’re working a lot with responsive design and grid based design you might like this little Photoshop script I’ve made.


The latest trend seem to be browser based design where the design is made in the browser instead of Photoshop. I myself think this is a stupid idea and I rather spend my time in Photoshop when designing than hacking HTML and CSS.

Anyway, I got tired of always making guides for my designs and I started using a template PSD with complete guides for the 960px grid. But since I’m sometimes using another kind of grid that didn’t work either, so I cooked up this amazing but simple Photoshop script.

What it does is creates guides for you. You input parameters such as Number of columns, Gutter and column width and it creates a nice set of guides centered in your document.

It’s totally and utterly free and the more people downloading it and using it the happier I get. It’s open source and available on GitHub. Please share it with your friends and family and so forth.

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