Better off canvas menus with flyPanels

FlyPanels is a responsive off canvas menu plugin for websites or web apps. It supports all modern browsers and even some of the old ones like IE9. It can be used for menus, contact forms or anything you like really.


I’ve been working on a responsive or mobile only menu system for a while and now It’s quite finished! It’s a 4kb jQuery plugin made to work with most modern browsers. It even supports Internet Explorer 9! Amazing eh?

How it works

It works by placing both panels and the content into one area and then sliding the whole area to the right or to the left by adjusting the margins of all areas. The content of each panel is hidden until the sliding animation is complete to avoid weird stuff from happening. It is also possible to have many different content panels inside one of the sliding panels by using the data attributes mentioned in the documentation. Basically you could have a many, search form, email form and a gallery, all in the left panel but each activated with its own button resulting in endless possibilities!


Demo and download

Please check out the demo and star it on Github. It’s also available through bower, just search for “flypanels”.

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